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Global Trade Solutions | SaaS & Data API

Our specialist team develop proprietary solutions across different industries to support our enterprise client members.

Our Infrastructure Supporting You. All The Way.

Building on top of our global infrastructure of politics, economics, industries, and companies tracking, we develop specialized solutions and offerings to help our enterprise client member to go further. 

Not only you can call down the specific data points you need for a dashboard, project, report or transaction using our API. Or programmatically track risk factors that would influence your operation.

You can also leverage our customized SaaS solutions to better navigate in the world of global trade and competition.

Global solutions. At your finger tips.

Discover what we can do for and with you.

ECON Factors
Deploy pricing trackers across 30+ major e-commerce sites to support pricing decisions for our B2C clients.
Tracking Annual Reports, news, social Media, and forum to assess potential risks and factors that would influence your operation.
Supercharge business development across countries with our customer-oriented SaaS supported operation.