David Walker

About David Walker

David has focused on serving healthcare, pharma, and smart-healthcare-ecosystem clients. With his two decades of experience working in the healthcare industry across Germany, UK and now Singapore, he has proved to bring tremendous value to our clients.
Examples of her recent client work include the following:

  • inventing and piloting a cognitive system to optimize claims management at a large statutory health insurer
  • developing an omnichannel strategy for a large statutory health insurer
  • revising and optimizing a large statutory health insurer’s case-management approach, including setting up an algorithm to predict high-cost patients
  • leading customer-centered transformations of several large statutory health insurers
  • leading process optimization, restructuring, and personnel planning at a large public-sector hospital group
  • providing support for strategy development and implementation at a large statutory health-insurance company; conducting several due-diligence efforts in the medical-device and lab space across European markets
  • conducting several assessments for financial investors in pharma, biotech, and medical devices
  • supporting mergers and transformations of several medical-product and health-insurance clients

Prior to joining OOSGA, David works at Deloitte UK as a senior manager for the healthcare industry.

We work to change. Not work to work


  • E-healthcare, smart healthcare
  • Big data & advanced analytics
  • Organizational culture
  • Change management