Xia Ning

About Xia Ning

Passionate about omni-channel e-commerce and social commerce, Ning develops customer-focused commerce strategies for retail and consumer goods companies. She then work with the core team to set up successful implementations to turn those strategies into rewarding experience for our clients’ customers.
Since joining OOSGA, Ning has seen the power a digital strategy has to transform the way a company operates. To support successful omni-channel retailing, teams need to collaborate in new ways. Development hubs need to be established, and core processes need to be rethought.

With her most reason project, Ning worked with a 3-analysts team to guide a digital transformation project for a leading retailer in Japan.  Working with executives, she set up nearly 17 distinct customer journey group and agile team that are responsible for each journey, to pursue customer-focused product development and marketing and sales.  All while integrating new practices with the IT and strategy department country-wide to deliver lasting impact.



  • Retail Industry
  • Omni-channel Marketing
  • Customer Journey Mapping & Analytics